Action Tank

Optique Solidaire

Optique solidaire

Providing a pair of affordable high-quality reading glasses to poor pensioners.

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A focus on the double penalty of poverty

The “double penalty of poverty” costs low income families between 1000 euros & 1100 a year ; the market penalizes society’s poor by requiring them to pay more than other households for the same products and services.

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Programme Malin

Providing low-income families with affordable and nutritious food and nutritional advice for their young children with a network of practitioners

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The Action Tank Entreprise et Pauvreté (“Company and poverty”) is a non-for-profit association that aims at implementing and developing innovative and sustainable business models in order to alleviate poverty and social exclusion in France. Through the Action Tank, a number of leading multinationals have joined forces with NGOs and government organizations to experiment with developing social businesses in France.




In our country, essential products and services are still out of reach for poorer consumers. This problem is primarily due to the pricing system, and is more a question of access than it is of information and education.

Martin HirschFormer French High Commissioner in charge of poverty alleviation, and currently Head of the Assistance-Publique-Hôpitaux de Paris (Public Hospitals of Paris Administration)


A company’s role is to create value but also to share it, in order to generate wealth, without creating more poverty, with a social welfare objective.

Emmanuel FaberCEO of Danone