Mission et approche

In 2010, Martin Hirsch, the former French High Commissioner in charge of poverty alleviation and Emmanuel Faber, then Danone’s deputy manager, now CEO, came together with the HEC Chair Social Business/ Entreprise and Poverty to form the Action Tank, a non-for-profit association, to experiment with developing social businesses in France. Today the Action Tank reunites a number of large multinational companies, NGOs and a research community who have joined forces with the same purpose: contribute to the reduction of poverty and social exclusion in France.

Trigger innovation in process and design

By developing, with various companies, social businesses with a significant impact on poverty alleviation in France:

  • High-quality products and services offered to vulnerable populations (in the areas of child nutrition, health, mobility, housing, banking services, insurance…)
  • Foster a better social inclusion through economic activity

The Action Tank supports the development of social businesses:

  • with a collaborative framework that helps sharing good practices.  Interactions with various practitioners are made possible (NGOs, local actors, public authorities, and corporations sharing the same social welfare objective)
  • In fostering networking opportunities and collective knowledge

Our projects

A specific knowledge

Case studies and theoretical knowledge:

  • On poverty alleviation and social business in France,
  • On how to enable companies to leverage existing capabilities in the non-for-profit sector

The Action Tank often requires the help of polling institutes and consulting firms to produce studies and opinion polls, reports and surveys
Many of the social business models the Action Tank supervizes have become academic research focuses together with HEC chair, detailed in various publications, case studies, and conferences
The Chair focuses on the Action Tank’s social business projects, studied as academic research topics. HEC students can also get involved in the projects for training courses or dissertation topics

Our publications