In short

The challenge

In France, 4.8 million people receive food aid (DGCS, 2016). 12% of households report being food insecure and not being able to afford basic foodstuffs and to prepare balanced meals. The diversification of food aid is a key issue to address in order to encourage balanced diets.

Meanwhile, 10 million tonnes of perfectly edible food are wasted each year across the entire production chain, 14% of which in commercial and collective catering. Despite a favorable regulatory context (National Pact 2013, Loi Garot 2016), strong operational constraints impede the efforts towards reducing food waste.

What we offer

The project aims at offering food aid beneficiaries quality ready meals, by giving a second life to mass catering surpluses through the use of protective atmosphere packaging techniques and a self-sustaining business model.

The Action Tank’s partner Air Liquide has a solid know-how in controlled atmospheres for the food industry. The use of this technology in the fight against food waste could extend the life of unsold products while maintaining the nutritional qualities of food.

Expected impacts

  • Reducing waste in commercial and collective catering
  • Improving the nutritional quality of the beneficiaries’ meals
  • Allowing access to quality food for people who receive food aid

Our partner(s)

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