Our expertise

  • Grasping the different faces of poverty

What are the social problems which cannot be answered satisfactorily today?
What are the “unavoidable” expenses which weigh on the budget of more fragile households, and which must be reduced?
How to enable households whose living conditions are not satisfactory, to access offers that improve these living conditions?

These questions are at the start of all our projects and works. We study the targeted public and analyze the barriers to access to essential goods and services.

  • Targeting fragile populations

To develop a targeting strategy, we start from the type of poverty we wish to adress, we deduce a target audience and then help our partners to determine the criteria for eligibility to the programs. These criteria (financial resources, indicators of fragility, etc.) guarantee the social impact of our projects.

  • Designing adapted “beneficiary journeys”

The “beneficiary journey” (or “client journey”) of inclusive offers and programs, which target vulnerable populations, revolves around many particularities: prescription by social intermediaries, specific non-stigmatizing communication, adaptation of tools, in particular digital tools, to avoid non-use or non-recourse… All stages of the “beneficiary journey” require the implementation of a fluid operational model to avoids redundancies.

  • Implementing experiments

The implementation of a local pilots makes it possible to engage the partners in the action and to quickly test the viability of the solution. We define and evaluate with our partners the hypotheses of the innovative models that we test (relevance of the offer, ease of reaching target audiences, operation of the operational model, etc.). The experiment allows us to adjust the model gradually, until we reach a consolidated version ready for deployment.

  • Gathering all stakeholders and calling collective intelligence

At each stage of the projects and programs that we support, we reinvent the framework for mobilizing partners and put in place the tools to bring out collective solutions and keep these alliances alive over time. In the initial phases of development, Action Tank meets various stakeholders and directs the partnership strategy to arrive at the most relevant operational models. We lead workshops seeking to understand the levers of action for stakeholders. Action Tank also helps to build the conditions for the collective management of the program and the strategies for facilitating networks (networks of prescribers, networks distributors…).