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In France, 65% of the working population is unemployed or has already been unemployed. Among the unemployed, 44% have experienced this situation for more than two years [1]. Unemployment mostly affects people with less qualifications, who often turn out to be poor.

Yet in spite of this, many companies face recruitment difficulties, and nearly 200,000 job vacancies are not filled. Beyond a skills mismatch, other factors seem to play: on the one hand, companies struggle to formulate their recruitment needs and advertise their offers; on the other hand, job seekers accumulate many obstacles (self-confidence deficit, limited network, mobility/ childcare, /housing difficulties) preventing them from applying. Today, many initiatives exist, but they are not necessarily well articulated, known to the public, or sufficiently evaluated. The challenge for the Action Tank is to build on the existing landscape to provide access to a stable job which is adapted to both the needs of businesses and territories. We believe companies have to play a pivotal role in the process.

[1] 2017 study for Solidarités Nouvelles Face au Chômage (SNC) « Baromètre SNC sur le chômage et ses impacts » conducted  by Comisis and OpinionWay

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