All of our projects are driven by the same objectives: put the social goal first, and promote behavior change on the part of customers. They’re all based on the social business key characteristics and must be run sustainably

The main features or our programs are:
• to seek to alleviate social problems and all forms of poverty
• A constant search for economic efficiency
• Profits–generating activities are tolerated but supervised: profits are reinvested in the business rather than funneled back to shareholders
• Each project is  carried out by a business company ; partnerships require co-creation with other partners of the value chain that have a social welfare objective : non-for-profit associations or public institutions
• An experimental phase comes first  before any large-scale implementation

Improve access to essential products and services

These projects aim at facilitating the access to high-quality products and services to a target population facing financial difficulties, to foster their social inclusion

Carefully designed products and services solutions

These specific programs aim at designing affordable products and services for populations who can’t afford the existing ones

Economic inclusion

Business companies and intermediate entreprises united to promote employment and professional integration
How to restore the original meaning of “economic inclusion” and facilitate the access to employment? What could be the right level of commitment ?