Study 2012 – A study on the total social housing’s cost

The study about Global cost of housing has been done between February ans April 2012 by the Boston Consulting Group. The Action Tank and its partners continue this work from April 2012 to February 2013.

It is a frist approach on the total cost, involving key actors on the social housing (social landlords, architects, building companies, …) and it relies on data of construction costs, charges ans maintenance given by Bouygues Construction and APOGEE.

The study deals about the optimization of the total social housing’s costs of new operation in Ile-de-France. The main objectives are the following:

  • Breaking down and calculating the total housing’s costs, from buying the land to utilization and maintenance all along the lifespan,
  • Identifying enonomy leverage allowing total costs reduction and a better fairness for the poorest,
  • Highlighting systemic paths of evolution using various operators’ behaviours to facilitate the implemantation of the total housing’s cost approach.