In short

The challenge

For most of the 14% of the French population living under the poverty line[1], mobility is key to social and profesionnal integration. Because they often live far away from city-centres, because they lack adequate public transportation options, or because they have atypical working schedules, having their own vehicule is absolutely essential for them to find or to sustain employment.

[1] INSEE 2016

What we offer

The programme we set-up with Renault, called Renault Mobiliz, enables beneficiaries to access:

  • Repair services with a discount
  • Second-hand vehicles at preferential prices
  • Access to an affordable new car via the Club Mobilité offer

Our partners

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Mobility is one of the main factors impacting social and professional integration.

The French Mobility Observatory estimates that 15 million people face mobility issues nowadays in France. These issues threaten their ability to find or sustain employment, and, more generally, they jeopardize social inclusion. The White Book on Inclusive Mobility (2013) stated that:

  • One out of two people participating in integration into the workplace programmes had to turn down a job offer (or a training experience) because of mobility-related issues.
  • 28% of them even had to give up their current job or training
  • 41% of employers have struggled to fill a vacancy because of mobility constraints
  • 59% of employers confirm that candidates have had to refuse a job offer because of mobility-related issues.

Furthermore, the global cost of owning and using a car has been estimated at 4400€/ year[2], according to the Boston Consulting Group (2015).

[2] Boston Consulting Group study 2015

Renault launched the « Mobiliz – Socially Responsible Garages Programme » providing poor households with cheap mobility solutions. These solutions include :

  • Servicing and repairs with a 30% to 50% discount (depending on the type of car and operation). The Mobiliz service is provisioned in the same way and with the same quality standards as any other Renault service, irrespective of the brand of the car. Spare parts and labour supply are charged at cost price.
  • Second-hand vehicles at preferential prices (not exceeding 3,000€)
  • Access to an affordable new car through a lease-purchase contract financed via microcredit (see the project “Club Mobilité” for more information)

The programme was first launched in 2012. At that time, it only included the servicing and repair offer, and only operated in 3 regions (North of France, South of France, and Greater Paris region).

Renault decided to involve a wide range of stakeholders :

  • The Renault garages, who are usually independent companies which freely choose to join the programme
  • NGOs (Restaurants du Cœur, ADIE, etc) and public institutions (Pôle Emploi for example), who identify vulnerable people and refer potential beneficiaries to the Renault service. The aim is to target people who are undergoing short-term or long-term difficulties, and who need to maintain or repair their vehicle for employment-related reasons. These institutions direct potential beneficiaries towards the nearest affiliated Renault garage.

The second-hand vehicle offer was launched in July 2013 in 5 garages. It is now available in 360 garages across the country.

In order to expand the programme, a dedicated website was launched in 2017. The website links potential beneficiaries to Renault employees/ Renault retired employees. Renault provides support via a phone service, or refers the beneficiary to local prescribers who will help them access the offer.

The ambition is to expand the programme to 500 garages and to enroll new prescribers, in order to reach 10,000 beneficiaries by 2020.